Stevan Miljkovic Design
Hello and welcome to Stevan Miljkovic Design, my personal website portfolio and visual playground to showcase some of the work that I have created in digital media. I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia. With a long history in web and graphic design, I create visual solutions across a variety of platforms – from concept to delivery with full service design. I specialize in branding, advertising and web design solutions.

I have never taken up any courses in web design or development and most of the things I know are self-taught through online tutorials and constant independent studying. My interest for different spheres of digital design helped me improve my existing knowledge and learn about new standards, rules, possibilities and techniques in web and graphic design, to follow the trends and keep up with the times.

I'm an open and down-to-earth person who will set out to provide you with only the best. I'm a perfectionist by nature, and this is clearly manifested in my work and the way I do business. I provide a very personalized service, I like to spend time getting to know my business clients, allowing for a higher understanding of their goals and requirements to help pave the way to great business relationships.

In addition to working at the Belgrade office of a German company as a senior designer, I love the challenges of different freelance assignments, as well as my friends' desire for me to be the person to help them in creating design solutions for the projects they work on.
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